Environmental & Energy Law & Policy Journal Update

At the Environmental & Energy Law & Policy Journal, we are committed to ensuring that all aspects of the Law reflect the appropriate response to issues facing us in the fast-changing world that we live in. Environmental and Energy legislation is moving forward at a rapid pace, and it is important that we review that changes to ensure that we all stay on course for a better and healthier world for all of us.


News and Events

We look forward to our annual conference in three weeks time, and hope to meet many of our supporters and contributors. It is hard to believe that a year has passed since the last one, but here we are again getting ready for the big event. A lot has changed in the last 12 months in the world of environmental and energy law, and there will be a great deal to discuss.

Agenda Items

We are currently in the process of drawing up the agenda for the forthcoming conference. If you have items you would like to submit for consideration, please contact us as soon as possible so that we have time to review your submission. We are open to contributions from anyone who has relevant expertise in environmental or energy law issues, and who is qualified to speak on the subject. Speeches will confined to a maximum of 20 minutes, so that we can pack as much as possible into a busy conference.

Plan for the Year Ahead

With so many key issues facing us today, both with regard to the environment and with regard to energy management, the role of the journal is becoming more important than ever before. We are planning to expand the size of the journal, so that we are well-positioned to make a real contribution to the discussion of critical matters in this area. We now know from experience that simply asking corporations and other polluters to do the right thing is going to have little impact. The only way forward is to address all of these issues through legislation. Inevitably, such legislation will always be controversial, as there are many different parties to please, and a lot of contentious issues to discuss. However, it is vitally important that we push forward with legislation that can create a viable policy for all of us to benefit from.

We will also be stepping up our lobbying activity, leaning on the strong support we have from lawyers and politicians on all sides. We strive to achieve a middle road that can achieve viable and long-lasting results without alienating those who need our support the most. Creating legislation is never easy, and we expect many trials and tribulations throughout the long road ahead. However, we believe that we are setting a course that will change the world for the better and lead to greater efficiency in the use of energy, as well as preserving our environment for the enjoyment of future generations.


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Sponsors and Supporters

We are, of course, always grateful for the help and support of donors and other supporters who help to make our work possible. In particular, we would like to thank  all the legal firms who have provided not only money, but also time and resources to help keep this journal alive. We would especially like to thank Mae Perry, who has made a substantial donation following the sad death of her husband Stefan, who was involved with the journal for many years. While love spells that work fast are not normally in our sphere of discussion, we wish Mrs Perry all the best with her new business venture. We are also grateful for the support of the Environmental Law and Policy Center.